Locks & Security

With over 400,000 bike thefts each year in the UK, It is worth securing yours with an adequate lock to protect your investment. 

Most insurance companies have a minimum requirement of lock rating to ensure a bike is covered in the event of theft. This varies by insurer, so it's worth checking your own provider for information. It is also a requirement of the 14 days Free Insurance we offer with all new bikes. 

Buying a lock is certainly not the most glamorous accessory you can buy, but it can protect you investment from theft if locked correctly. We are not just talking about a lock for when you ride to the shops or to work, but at home to.  It is estimated 58% of bike thefts occur on the evening and 53% are stolen from garages, sheds and hallways. 

We recommend buying the best lock(s) you can afford, The locks we have selected all have their own manufacturers security rating to give you guidance and we also carry the Sold Secure locks which some insurers require, these ratings are measured as Bronze, Silver and Gold. At Cycle Heaven the price difference between Bronze and Silver is negligible so we carry the Sold Secure ratings of Silver and Gold. 

But why is one lock so much more expensive than the other, and they carry the same Gold Rating? Since the cycle industry's top rating is Gold some locks can achieve Gold with ease, in fact they may offer even more security not rated by the Sold Secure mark. This is when you would look at the manufacturers ratings. One may be rated 12 and the other 15. Plus their may be other differences like the bracket or quality of keys. and added rubber to prevent scratches to the bike. 


Gold is the highest rating that can be achieved by a bike lock. They are the most resistant when it comes to prolonged attacks by thieves and the methods and tools that they’re likely to use. The locks are tested continually for over five minutes, and if you leave your bike in a high-risk place frequented by thieves, e.g. central London, then this is the lock for you.


Silver is the middle rating, and the lock will generally be cheaper but still have a decent level of security. Silver rated locks aren’t ideal for leaving your bike for extended periods of time in places where a thief could be operating. However, they do repel basic attacks by criminals and the methods and tools that they could use. Usually, silver rated locks can withstand around 3 minutes of an attack, so are more suited to mid/lower risk areas.

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