Hybrid & Town Bikes

For fitness, fun and travel

If you like to race your fellow commuters at the lights (or are regularly late and need to make up time...) this is the bike for you. Super lightweight with a semi-upright riding position you can get your speed up with maximum comfort! It also means that should you wish to notch up some recreational miles, you are not limited.

Some sporty hybrids (e.g. Cannondale Quick) are so light and nimble they are even close to sportive road bikes but without the drop handle-bars, making them an excellent way to get started in road cycling. Others feature suspension forks (Cannondale Quick CX) and fatter tyres - which allow you to be more adventurous offroad - albeit with a weight penalty. In between, there are those with fatter tyres and no suspension such is the variety on offer. we can help you make the choice exactly which is right for you.